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Architecture and Construction

Construction in Progress

See our designs come to life in these active construction and renovation projects in the Fort Lauderdale area. We are committed to sustainability and innovation in our designs while achieving clean, functional spaces. 

8 Second Bathroom.jpg
6 Kitchen 2.jpg
5 Master Bathroom 2.jpg
0 Aerial 6.jpg
4 Kitchen 5.jpg
2 Stairs 1.jpg
3 Kitchen 3.jpg
0 Aerial 1.jpg

Dynamic Progress in Architecture and Construction

Orcutt Rose Architects is actively shaping skylines with ongoing projects that exemplify our commitment to architecture and construction excellence. Each site is a canvas where our visionary designs come to life, demonstrating our strategic planning and architectural prowess.


Precision in Every Phase


Our projects underscore a seamless integration of innovative architectural designs with robust construction practices. We are dedicated to advancing each project with precision, ensuring that every structural element aligns perfectly with aesthetic intentions and practical functions.


Orcutt Rose Architects is crafting tomorrow’s landmarks today with a focus on sustainable and impactful design. Witness the future as it rises, shaped by our visionary expertise.   

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