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About us

Principal Architects 

Meet our founding Architects, ready to bring your project to life. 


Architecture  Planning     As-builts  
Feasibility Studies    Construction Documents    Permitting 

  Interior Design   Space Layouts


Orcutt Rose Architects is a licensed and insured Fort Lauderdale architect firm that specializes in high-end residential and commercial projects. We offer an array of architectural and design services to our South Florida clientele:

Plans for Residential Renovations, New Construction & Additions

Contractor Permitting Sets

Commercial Tenant Improvement Drawings

Commercial New Construction Plans

3D Modeling & Rendering

Code Violation Corrections

Drafting Services

Interior Design

Plan Review, Sign, & Seal

Crafting Spaces with Precision and Passion

Orcutt Rose Architects is renowned for its Architectural Drafting Services in Fort Lauderdale, offering precision in every line and vision in every plan. Our expertise in detailed architectural drafting underpins every successful renovation and new construction project, ensuring technical excellence and design integrity.


We excel in converting existing spaces with our comprehensive Home Renovation Services in Fort Lauderdale. Each project is a fusion of innovative design and functional solutions meticulously tailored to enhance the client's lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.


Orcutt Rose Architects: Where precision meets creativity, creating spaces that resonate with beauty and functionality. Shape your future environment with our visionary and detail-oriented approach.

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